Quiz Contest & Human Chain for School Students

April 25, 2017by sainitationclub

Event Type: Quiz

Date & Time: 25 April 2016, 8.45 a.m. at Mavalankar Hall

Students from each school: 10 Students

Time Limit: 20 Min

Starting Time: 8:45AM

No of Prizes: 3

No. Of Questions: 30 questions

Class: VIII to Xth

Things To Bring: Pen/ Pencil & Exam Board

Quiz Questions will be in English and will relate to Environmental sanitation. No books or mobile phones shall be allowed inside the hall. Teachers shall not be allowed to be near the students during the event/s. Prizes will be given away either on 25 April, 4PM or at a later date. Please confirm your participation through email. This mail should reach us no later than 16 April 2016.

The quiz would be conducted at Mavalankar hall on 25 April 2016.

Event Type: Human Chain

Date & Time: 25 April 2016, Mavalankar Hall, 9 a.m.

  • A maximum of 25 students from each school will take part in this event.
  • Students may come in their school uniforms or in costumes representing different states of India.
  • The students should report at the venue on 25 April 2016 at 9AM.
  • The school sending the best dressed team will be given awards and citation.
  • Students can chose to carry hand made placards with slogans on it. The slogans should relate to sanitation and hygiene.
  • Please send us the name list of the students participating in the Human Chain so that we can provide them with certificates. The list of the students can be sent to our email at

The students participating in the Human Chain will stay at the venue till lunch time and shall proceed after 2pm.