Welcome to the Sulabh School Sanitation Club Website. The children of the world are the makers of tomorrow’s future. Start with yourself. Let us behave in an environmentally responsible way. Let’s learn more about environmental sanitation. We would like to share our ideas and initiatives with our friends, teachers and family. Join in Sulabh’s School Sanitation Club’s planned activities for children and youth in order to learn and share our experiences with other children around the globe. Take action for better world.

We have pretty exciting events for you all. Our main thrust is the start activities in the respective school itself. We encourage students and faculty alike to look at the conditions of their schools toilets or the compounds.And in turn wish them to address the impact by joining our hands together.

We will also be working very closely with the Environmental Education se Section of each school while they take on projects such as greening the campus, papers reuse in the campus, toilet cleanliness and so forth.

We also plan on doing hikes and other fun activities. We just recently adopted a park, so we will be doing regular clean ups and we may even get to plant trees and other native plants besides cleaning our own school toilets!

We have a pretty big group of young people who meets on Sunday’s in the student union (usually at Sulabh Gram). And for those who can’t make weekly meetings we have a yahoo group’s email list, where we post meeting minutes and other reminders and updates. If you want to join the email list please register your name in the mailing list free of cost.

The important thing is to remember why you wanted to do this and remain persevering. Creating a school sanitation club can be the vehicle and help making your school more environmentally friendly it can also be a memorable and fun experience as it has been for many schools. Good luck, and be sure to share your success stories or any obstacles that you face with us at Sulabh School Sanitation Club.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about the club feel free to drop us and email or stop by meeting.

~ Dr. Bindeshwar Pathak