Do you know of a student group or class that wants to take action to improve school sanitation & hygiene? With Sulabh School Sanitation Club, young people team up with educators, natural resource experts and committed community members to improve the school wash room and take ACTION!

To learn more about School Sanitation Club and how you can associate with it in your community, school or home, get involved as a member. The club is open to all students in the age group of 7-17 years of age.

The Club provides a great opportunity to participate in an activity close to your location. Join our student members and meet new people. The School sanitation club program will help you improve your speaking ability, think faster on your feet and enhance your leadership skills by putting you into the loop of young toilet ambassador.

You’ll have many opportunities to practice your impromptu speaking, dancing, singing or role plays. Come visit our club to see if we’re a good fit for you, we’re happy to have guests to speak in front of!

In conjunction with planning environmental activities and associating with children for A Better World, We ask that your programs and activities include:

  1. Focus on solution, not problems and without pointing fingers.
  2. Motivate participants to take positive actions.
  3. At NO time be used to influence local, regional, state or national rules, policies, laws or government officials.
  4. Strive for ethnic/ cultural, economic, age gender and physical ability diversity.

Please note that all club chapters will remain totally at the discretion and pleasure of your school and your participants. We will provide membership packets, certificates, program materials, brochures etc. You are welcome to use anything we send you in its entirety, if it serves your needs. You can use the Sulabh Club Logo R with your activities as long as you agree to our guidelines upon written request. This limited permission to use our name and logo does not mean Sulabh Club assumes any financial or other responsibilities of your activities. Furthermore, you agree not to take any actions or engage in any activities which could jeopardize the stated of school sanitation club including the attempts to influence legislation or participation in any political campaign.

We would like to have volunteers at each school as school as school club interface. We also need help in conducting survey and researching on various school sanitation programs. Please contact us for more information or to join the school sanitation programme.

Please print, fill out completely, sign and return to the address below as an indication of a mutual philosophical agreement and understanding. A completed copy will be returned to you: