The Convention on the rights of the child (CRC), which has been ratified by moist of the world, including India, provides that children have a right to a safe environment for enhanced learning, health and development of good citizens. The school Sanitation Club activities are designed to protect the rights of girls, boys and women to improved sanitation, hygiene and safe water in realization of the rights of children to learning, survival and development. The programme aims at contributing to the national priority of improved water and sanitation coverage and girls’ enrolment, and reduced dropout rates.

Children are very eager to learn and to help others through their active, energetic, enthusiastic and curious behavior. So childhood is the best time to learn about hygiene and sanitation. Children spend most of the active time in schools. Therefore it is important that the school environment is kept clean and good, workable sanitary facilities are provided in order to safe guard their health. It is not sufficient to create awareness and impart knowledge to the children; rather they should be motivated for bringing into practice by adopting better sanitary practices.