The Sulabh School Sanitation Club members encourage students to actively participate in open discussions and share their experiences and ideas by being a member of the club.

Through exercises and games students or participants are encouraged to work independently in pairs or in small groups, and then to present their thoughts and findings to the larger group of sanitation club members. This prompts the school students to discuss and genuinely understand the key issues related to personal cleanliness and hygiene.

The main idea is to change the attitude of school students towards toilets/latrines. The club tries to look for a solution to the problem of misuse of the facilities, and to improve maintenance. The club members make toilet cleaning a collective task.

Trying to find answer to questions like: How effective is the cleaning of the school toilets? What is the role of the teachers? What are the risks for the children, who is supervising them and in general how are they affected by the cleaning of latrines.