Sulabh School Sanitation Club believes that working with school children is one of the most effective methods of promoting good hygiene and sanitation practices across communities. Communicable diseases such as diarrhea also cause many school children to regularly miss school. Families living on limited finances are further strained when these diseases require costly medical treatments. Sulabh School Sanitation Club and its partners are working to ensure that school sanitation clubs combined with other health and education interventions enables children like to remain health and continue their education. Our goal is to also ensure a safe and healthy environment for students by encouraging our school community to implement sustainable, energy-smart, eco friendly and cost effective solutions today.

The School Sanitation Club would also like to work with schools, students and parents to adopt green practices such as recycling, reducing waste, using eco friendly products, and implementing energy saving initiatives.

The club members focus on the issue of safe disposal of faeces which can help prevent the transmission of diseases. Using a latrine is the best way. The senior members of the club teach the junior members about hand washing with soap (or ash) and water especially after contact with faeces; and before eating the club member also highlights to use water from safe source only. The children are told that water containers should be covered and kept clean.